Cousins Island Chapel

On July 8, 1877, records of the Baptist Church of Yarmouth state, “Church and Society went to Cousins Island and organized a branch church…..Early that morning, had you been near, you might have seen many boats loaded with passengers coming over to the island, reminding one of the scenes….in our Savior’s time on the Sea of Galilee. You might have heard also the voice of singing, sounding all the more sweetly by being echoed over the beautiful waters of the bay.”

The branch met for over 15 years without having its own building. Eventually, our Chapel was built, and dedicated in 1895. The Chapel was a community center of religious inspiration and friendliness for Littlejohn and Cousins Islands; and persons from many denominations and areas shared willingly in its activities and support.

The Chapel was closed for several years after World War II, but in the summer of 1954, a group of people agreed to work together in restoring the Chapel to its former active place in the community. To this day, there is an Executive Committee charged with overseeing the Chapel property, building, activities, and finances.

Since 1995, ecumenical worship services have been held regularly on Sunday mornings in July and August. Visiting ministers from many denominations have led these summer worship services, including Rabbis, Quakers, Catholic, and several Protestant. We are truly interdenominational!

We celebrated our 100th Anniversary in 1994.

In 1997, we earned a spot on the National Registry of Historic Places, through the Maine Historic Preservation Commissions. We are now officially a domestic, non-profit corporation with 501(C)(3) status.

On December 24, 2001, in memory of September 11, 2001, at the suggestion of an island resident, the Chapel has been opened for a special Christmas Eve service, which has been standing-room only tradition since (even though there is no heat in our Chapel).

Questions, donations, facility use, and all other Chapel inquiries should be directed to Chapel Events Chairperson: Paul Dionne (846-1447) or