Community House

im000008Community House Rentals

The Community House may be reserved for individuals or groups, meetings or receptions between April 1 and December 1st. The rental rate follows:

1-25 people: $50.00

26-50 people: $100.00

51-70 people (maximum number allowed): $200.00

An additional $100.00 shall be provided to the Rental Coordinator as a security deposit and will be refunded at the end of the rental period when the cleanliness of the facility has been approved by the Rental Coordinator.  Please contact Ara and Marcia Dedekian (617) 620-8227  if you wish to reserve the Community House.

Community House Rentals Agreement

In order to rent the Community House, a rental agreement must be completed and submitted with the appropriate fee and deposit. A copy of the rental agreement is available for review and printing (PDF Format) or you can ask the rental coordinator to mail you an agreement.

Insurance Information     

The Town of Yarmouth is enrolled in the TULIP (Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy) program. The tenants of the Community House can purchase liability coverage through them online at using the town ID code 0419-015. Purchase of a policy from TULIP is only necessary if their homeowners policy won’t issue a certificate. The TULIP policy will name the town as the insured.