Points of Interest

The Tinker Property

Tinker Property After Clearing


The Tinker Property consists of 20 acres of untouched wildnerness next to the island cemetery. This parcel of land was donated to the town by Katherine Tinker and is to be used for educational purposes for Yarmouth’s students. There a a few trails and an abundance of wildlife, including owls, deer, monarch habitat. Even an occasional fischer cat has been observed on Tinker!  

Sandy Point Beach


Yarmouth’s only public sandy beach, Sandy Point Beach is located just over the bridge to our islands. There are no lifeguards on duty. This spot is an excellent entering point for kayakers, and was the site of a shipyard in the 18th and 19th centuries. Parking is available.


Cousins Island Chapel

Cousins Island Chapel


Formed in 1877, built in 1895, the Chapel is an interdenomational place of worship during the months of July and August, and on Christmas Eve. The Chapel is available for weddings, memorials, and other special events.


The Community House

Community House


The Community House used to be the island’s one-room school house, but became the Community House in 1928. This building is owned by the town of Yarmouth but maintained by the island association. It is available for rental for all kinds of special events!     

Madeline Point

Instead of turning left on Wharf Road, take a right to find this off-the-beaten-track swimming hole. You can swim in warm waters and find lots of sea life.     

Camp Soci

Located across from the Sandy Point Beac, this camp has a trail overlooking the bay, a large picnic area, and some tent platforms. Overnight users must obtain permission by contact Yarmouth’s Rec. Dept at 846-2406.     

Littlejohn Causeway

1950's Bridge to Littlejohn


This bridge has undergone its 3rd or 4th revitalization, and it looks like the newest version will last a long time. While the bridge is cement, the waterway underneath it has been widened somewhat; hopefully, helping to improve the water quality in the inward bay.     

What’s Under The Dock?

Bet you always wondered what you could find under the docks of Cousins and Littlejohn Islands. It just so happens that CLIIA Board Member and local artist, Sue Hammerland DeSmith, has put together a resource that answers this question.