The Good Ol’ Days

Pictures from the Good Ol’ Days – The Way Life Used to Be

A note from Jay Selberg, one of our island historians and lifetime residents.

Now and then I check eBay for old Cousins Island memorabilia, and a few years ago I found a terrific find. It was a wooden-covered book, with the words Cousins Island and Littlejohn Island Community Center on the cover, done with one of those old woodburning sets. All but 3 of the pages were empty, but one page listed the summer residents for the year 1940. It also listed the events sponsored at the Community House that summer and the funds that were collected. The list of events mentioned a Minstrel Show, which intrigued me, and I went to reread the old book Katherine Tinker (of the Tinker Preserve fame) that is available at the Merrill Memorial Library, called Two Maine Islands, and I also attach a scan of the page that mentions the minstrel show. Another era, of course. Another thing of note, is that there is a blank sheet of stationery, with the seal of the quasi-municipality (the Village Corporation) that the islands were, not then part of Yarmouth.