Sep 22, 2017
Susie Kendeigh

Help a fellow islander with rides

Transportation for fellow islander—

Hello Everyone,
Here are the upcoming dates for TEd’s PT/OT appts. Please let me know the date(s) on which you can drive. Many thanks!! All appts are back to back OT/PT, for a total of 1.5 hours.

Monday, Oct 23@ 10:30:
Weds, Oct 25 @ 2:30:
Thurs, Oct 26 @ 1:15:
Tues, Oct 31 @ 1:45:

Weds, Nov 1 @ 10:30:
Thurs, Nov 2 @ 1:45:
Mon, Nov 6 @ 1:00:
Weds, Nov 8 @ 1:00:

Thanks for considering this request, 

Cathy Gentile (846-6862) or (

As you have probably heard, Ted Walls has been wheelchair bound as a result of the traumatic injury he incurred last summer. He is currently receiving intensive Physical and Occupational Therapy three times a week. Some wonderful people have volunteered their services by driving Ted’s wheelchair-adapted van to his appointments at New England Rehab, aka the old Brighton Medical Center. We could use a few more drivers! Once a week, once a month, whatever time you have to give will be much appreciated. 

We have a few dates during the last week of September for which Ted needs drivers. (BTW, doing this for Ted also gives Donna a much-needed break!) The trip to Portland and back and Ted’s back-to-back therapy appointments, take approximately three-hours. Ted’s wheelchair is motorized, so, other than opening the door and securing his wheelchair, he independently moves in and out of the van. He will teach you how to secure his chair (a simple but important procedure) and give you directions to New England Rehab. He’s a fantastic teacher!

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