Jan 24, 2017
Susie Kendeigh

Tinker Preserve – Town Meeting 2/1/17

There is a Parks & Land Committee meeting on February 1st to discuss the Tinker Preserve Management Plan and a Land Acquisition draft proposal.

The meeting agenda is in the link below. The Parks & Land Committee intends to discuss the Tinker Preserve Management Plan, property maintenance of the trails and paths, as well as uses of the property (e.g. bicycles, dogs, etc.) for most of the meeting and will discuss the Land Acquisition for a smaller portion of the time frame. The PLC’s public comment period will take place at the end of each agenda item once the committee has a chance to share information and thoughts and discuss their intentions.

This link will help keep you up-to-date on the meetings: http://www.yarmouthcommunityservices.org/committees.

Tinker Management Plan: http://www.yarmouth.me.us/vertical/sites/%7B27541806-6670-456D-9204-5443DC558F94%7D/uploads/Tinker_Preserve_Management_Plan_2015.pdf

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