Have You Paid Your Dues?

Pay your dues and become a member of the Cousins and Littlejohn Island Improvement Association. Help support island events and maintenance done at the Community House. Help bring news to members via the website and/or newsletter. Membership gives you a vote at the Annual Membership Meeting. If you haven’t already paid your $10 dues, please contact Katherine Loren 846-9195 or kaloren15@yahoo.com Thanks. This year, we are also accepting donations toward the recently established Capital Improvement Fund for Community House maintenance issues or donations to CLIIA to help cover the costs of our many activities (see below for this year’s events!). If you are donating beyond the $10 annual dues, please note where you would like your donation to go (Capital Improvement Fund or CLIIA Sponsored Events). Even though we are a non-profit organization, donations are not tax-deductible at this time (i.e. we are not a charitable or religious organization). If you don’t mind, please print and include our donation form so that we can gather address and email information.

Community House Rental

Calendar of Events

We’re excited to announce the 2016-17 Calendar of Events. We have some new activities planned for the year so mark your calendars now. If you want to assist with any of these events, please contact the Board member in charge of the event. Contact info is available here.